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The Consent Issue

This second issue of the Sex Educational Supplement includes a quiz to help you brush up on your knowledge about consent an exclusive interview with Dr Meg Barker, author of Rewriting the Rules, and eight pages of lesson ideas and resources to integrate learning about consent in high quality SRE at all Key Stages

The Pornography Issue

The Pornography Issue

The first issue of the e-magazine was published in April 2013 and is themed 'The Pornography Issue'. This issue is free.
The LGBT Issue
Our Price: £4.99

The Sex Educational Supplement is a free benefit for network+ and core members of the Sex Education Forum and is the termly e-magazine for teachers and other professionals involved in sex and relationships education. Membership will enable you to join discussions with other SRE professionals. Members joining before 1 September 2014 will receive a copy of this magazine free of charge.
The HIV Issue
Our Price: £4.99

This practical information for teachers is issued by the Sex Education Forum at a time when a third of UK teenagers are unaware that HIV is a sexually transmitted infection. Although HIV, AIDS and STIs have been added to the draft Key Stage 4 National Curriculum for science, learning about HIV needs to start earlier and be integrated into a planned programme of SRE in primary and secondary schools. This magazine provides practical advice and resources to do just that.

The Gender Issue
Our Price: £4.99

This resource will help schools promote gender-equality by making sex and relationships education (SRE) classes ‘gender-aware’. It includes 8 pages of lesson ideas and resources to support good quality SRE across all Key Stages. It is the fifth edition of the Sex Educational Supplement and is free to Sex Education Forum members (together with other back issues) or available to purchase for £4.99

The Puberty Issue
Our Price: £4.99

The sixth issue of the Sex Educational Supplement was published in March 2016 and is free to Sex Education Forum members or available for £4.99 for non members. Our media release highlights key data from young people about their experiences of puberty education

The Puberty Issue provides teachers with ways of introducing puberty in an age-appropriate fashion. It includes:

· findings from a survey with young people and their ten top tips for good quality puberty education

· a puberty quiz

· an expert feature on how the adolescent brain develops during puberty

· lesson ideas for Key stages 1-5 including using art to express the emotional aspect of puberty

· practical steps schools can take to help girls to manage menstruation

All back issues of The Sex Educational Supplement are provided as a benefit of Sex Education Forum membership. Membership can be purchased from the web-shop; full details of benefits here.